We know it’s been too long but finally we are back with this Windows beta 1.1. We have to apologize that we were busy on another project and it is not until September we started redeveloping this tool. The former developer had left the office but don’t worry, we have a better one now is on Rankaware project!

Like I mentioned, we redeveloped this tool, mainly the structure, layers, mechanism, etc, etc. to make it work more smoothly, safely and more stable. You will know. Some of the features of previous beta 1.0 are removed from this beta as we wanted to test its main functionality. Those features actually are already there and will be added in future betas.

*This beta will be for Windows OS only, we are planning not to rush into other OS before we thought it’s good enough.

So enough talking, here is the download link for the new installer.

Click here to install

Feel free to leave any comments while you test trial this beta. If possible, please answer these following questions:

Would you recommend Rankaware to a friend?
What do you find most frustrating about Rankaware?
What features could you not live without?
Which features could you live without?
How can we improve Rankaware? Send us your ideas and suggestions.
Anything else you care to share?



  1. I have just begun testing, and the program looks very promising. For future versions, it might be a good idea to give the user the opportunity to type in some proxies, because Google does not like to be requested automatically too extensively. So, a random change of proxies could help.

  2. Hi, I might e missing something, but I cannot find where to print the reports that the site says it can print.

    Also on the FAQ on this site when I click on where is the data file store and pc it goes nowhere.

    But otherwise great program


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