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  1. Reply

    Good morning, I started using the Rankaware tool, in the report there is a CHG column, what is the meaning of this abbreviation?



    I found my registration but can’t find the username. I’ve tried my emails but can’t register

  3. Bartje Meijer


    I also found my registration key but can’t find the username. I tried my email adress but can’t register,,,

  4. Arturo


    Good morning, I have 2 days with problem with the tool: It does not work. I have updated to the Rankaware Expert 1.7.0 version but it still doesn’t work.

  5. Ricardo


    Boa tarde,

    Está com algum problema o Rankaware? Estou tentando pesquisar meus clientes mas os resultados estão todos em branco

  6. Reply

    Help. Rankaware is not getting to the rankings in Google anymore. It does in Bing but I am more interested in Google offcourse. What is going wrong?

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