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  • +Q: Rankaware is inaccurate? Why the result is different from what I see in browser?

    There are several reasons why you see different results between Rankaware and in a browser.
    – The result may be different because you have logged in your Google account. Google provides personalized results based on your past behaviors;
    – Even if you logged out your Google account, the result may still be different because you haven’t cleaned the cache;
    – The result may be different because search engines are giving the results from different datacenter or server;
    – The result may be different based on different IP addresses;
    – The result may be different because you website is experiencing a “Google dance”;
    – The result may be different because Google is testing different algorithms.

  • +Q: Where is my data stored? I want to backup and export the data.

    For PC
    For Mac
    For iOS
    For Android

  • +Q: Will the use of Rankaware influence our SERPs in any way?

    No, Rankaware only performs SERP checking in a very search engine friendly way.

  • +Q: How many times can I update the rankings with Rankaware?

    You can perform updating as often as you want but it’s always recommended performing updating once a day unless there is unusual changes (big drop or rise)

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