Generate a Report for a Website/URL

You can generate either a PDF or a csv report for a website/URL.

  • Tip 1: You can sort the keywords in the column to generate a report “as is”
  • Tip 2: If keyword is long, you can drag the right side of the window to extend the table.

Select the website

Select website

Select the report format you want to export to

Select report type

It’s done. You can open the export folder to see your report

Report generated


  1. Reply

    Hello there,

    I have checked software and I am not able to see the yahoo ranking and bing ranking.

    Also in PDF report, it’s default yahoo & bing ranking. I don’t want to yahoo and bing ranking.

    currently I want only, OR in the ranking Report.

    PDF report not able to edit and .CSV file not able to save properly.

    Please help me, I have purchase Rankaware [1 Month]

    Thank you,


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