After numerous test finally we think we are ready to release a major update of Rankaware Windows version, beta 1.2. This is a very important update to the previous version as we both added new features and improved the rank tracking mechanism.

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Updated rank tracking mechanism
Unlike beta 1.1, Rankaware now is using an intelligent muti-thread technology which greatly enhanced the updating speed as well as efficiency especially when proxy feature is enabled. We also updated the tracking algorithms to ensure the accuracy of Rankaware.

Newly added export functions to PDF or csv
Yes the export function was there in beta 1.0 but it still took us some time to integrate it to the new codes. So, Rankaware is now able to export the ranking data in both PDF and Excel csv formats. I hope you like the design and layout of these formats.

Generate white labeled reports
Yes you can edit and customize your company details in the exported reports, like company name, URL, phone, email, Facebook twitter links etc.

Add and edit proxies

You can now add and edit proxies. Proxies are essential especially you want to speed up the update process or tracking the local results. Also, you are less likely to get Captchas.

*This beta will be for Windows OS only, we are planning not to rush into other OS before we thought it’s good enough.

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Feel free to leave any comments while you test trial this beta. If possible, please answer these following questions:

Would you recommend Rankaware to a friend?
What do you find most frustrating about Rankaware?
What features could you not live without?
Which features could you live without?
How can we improve Rankaware? Send us your ideas and suggestions.
Anything else you care to share?


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  1. Great job guys, this software is shaping up to be really neat.

    I like it and its already much better than many other rank tracking apps on the market.

    Looking forward to further developments 🙂


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