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Everyday we are giving away free Expert license to the lovely reviewers of Rankaware. All you need to do is to publish a review of Rankaware on your website or personal blog, then send us the URL of the review and we will send you an Expert license!

Some simple requirements for the review:

  • No less than 300 words (that’s why we call it a review)
  • Must have a screenshot (a picture is worth than one thousand words)
  • Must have a link pointing to our homepage (yes, we love link juice)

Please email the review URL to

And here is a link to a sample review:


  1. Reply

    I am very satisfied with Rankaware, I would wish the free license(Bachelor’s degree). Thank you for passing on(transmitting) her(it) to me.

  2. Reply

    i juste discoved this software, and wow, i do a lot with just the free vesion, so what if i had the expert vesion.

    je suis très satisfait de ce ligiciel que je trouve très bien pour le debutant que je suis.

    thank’s again (merci ) in french.

  3. Chenxin


    Hi , This myRankware is very useful for my teamwork.

    I found we have chance to get a free License. can you provide us?

    We are pleased to tell our customers we use myRankware .

  4. Mic


    thank you for this nice tool.

    It would be even better if

    a) keywords could be extracted automatically from the the webpage
    b) (Singapore) would be under available search engines


  5. Handara


    Very good software! i like that..
    I need a one License free.
    Thank You To Share!

  6. nicolas range


    And I want a free license to use this program and I wonder . Thank you

  7. Reply

    Good morning, I would like a free licence.

    I have been using the freeware version, it installs fine, no errors.

    It is very easy and straight forward to understand.

    I noticed the ranking on the no-profit website I created moving up the rankings.

    I recommend this software.

  8. Reply

    Hi there.

    Is it okay if I review it in my local language? Because my website isn’t written for audience that use English.

  9. Reply

    one try directly with software like this, in addition to work well, appearance is also nice, but please send an email to my license to try the other menu, thanks

  10. Reply

    Please avail options for www and non-www versions. for Google, it gives different stats in web master tools.
    Please provide License Details.


  11. Reply

    At the moment I am creating my web page of Anime and Manga news, so I would perfect a free license of this great program. You could study the keywords in google, bing and yahoo to rank my page and get to number 1.
    Thank you.


  12. Reply

    Planning to use this as research for keywords used to search business like me and my competition , what strategy or keywords should be used to get better result. Hope this tool will allow to find right information on the same

  13. Reply

    Wow after along time research i got this to find my position ranking in google exactly, Yesterday i have tried and its working 100% accurate than webmaster tool i have checked. So every one should must use it to make easy ranking your keywords, and spy your keywords ranking to exactly identify what you need to do, for best result in ranking


  14. Puspendu Chakraborty


    I am a SEO Professional and I have start working on SEO project from year 2010. I have completed so many projects. I think in SEO rank check is very difficult work when you have lots of projects and each projects have more then 5 keywords. It takes lots of valueable time. So I always use rank checking software. But here we face problem that most software have monthly recurring fees. Some free software available in market like (rankchecker) but that software report is not good. Previously i use Cuterank for rank checking but from Feb 2016 suddenly it stop working. From that day i try to findout application like cuterank. I think my search end here ( rankware).


  15. Reply

    Hey this product its very powerfull,thank you very much. I would like to use this software to check my website seo condition.
    I need one license free.

  16. Reply

    Hey this product its very powerfull,thank you very much. I would like to use this software to check my website seo condition.

    I need one license free.


  17. Reply

    Hello Sir,

    The best ranking result given by Rankware within a minute. I have lots of keywords to check. This tool make my work very easy. Moreover Support given by this tool admin is best.

  18. Reply

    Awesome news! Very simple and very good for ranks. I want to tell you frankly Rankaware one of the best ranking position checker tools.

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